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Step 2: Purchase Access

Login to open the ‘SOLU7ION Access’ Area.  This area will allow you to purchase your student’s license by clicking the ‘Enter Button | Purchase Access‘. 

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Step 3: Getting Started

From the ‘SOLU7ION Access‘ Page click the ‘Enter Portal | Purchase Access’ button.  Now that you have purchased access you may now see the Subscription Content, so start with the ‘Welcome’ section to learn how to get started. 


First Complete The Join Now Steps Above.


Each student receives their own SOLU7ION login to keep track of books read and submit book reports / coding logs. This is also where students access points earned, purchase prizes with points earned, and access their individual reading / coding portals.


Time Recommendation:  We recommend students spend 4 hours a week minimum (2 hours – reading; 2 hours – coding) in SOLU7ION.


Reading Portal: Students start with a reading assessment to determine their Lexile score and the portal recommends books to read. Students pick the books they want to read, create reading lists, download books for offline read and take short quizzes at the end of books. 

The Reading Portal provides answers to commonly-asked questions about student reading engagement that offer insights into whether students are on the path to reading proficiency and growth. Data such as the number of books browsed and read, the types of books students are reading, the number of words and pages read, time spent reading and whether reading occurs during out of school hours, is seamlessly captured within the Reading Portal while students are reading


Book Reports: Students use the journal area in the Reading Portal to take notes or write down ideas to use when they begin working on their book reports.  Students will create innovative and creative book reports and submit them for critiquing and to earn points.  Learn more about book reports here.

We work with students virtually to help them improve the grammar and writing skills. 


We have broken the coding up into  K-3rd Grade & 4th-12th Grade. 

K-3rd Grade Coding Portal: Students explore basic coding by dragging blocks, playing coding games and watching videos.

4th-12th Grade Coding Portal: Students explore a web-based sword-and-sorcery game by programming characters with Python or Javascript coding languages. Students create their own games and websites. Students also write coding level reflections using coding vocabulary that has been gained through different levels of the game. Once students reach a certain level, we will open the “Arena” where students use code to battle each other.


Shop For Prizes: Students use their points earned from book report submissions to purchase prizes from our ‘REDEEM POINTS’ store.  Although prizes show a dollar amount, our store only allows checkout with points.


Repeat Annually: We recommend that students repeat this course annually until they graduate high school. This way students stay on top of their literacy / Lexile score; and since we are going to be adding more to the coding portal, students will also graduate high school with the knowledge of and how to use the latest technology for either the development of their own business or to use in their higher education.